Do you own an existing beauty business or are looking to start one?

Have you experienced challenges and need help acquiring the business tools and strategies to improve your prospects, service your clients, operate more efficiently and make more money?

Our consultants have experience running a successful freelance business for over 16 years.

Our home-based Eclectica Beauty Studio has tested numerous business tools and processes to establish easy to implement best-practices for your business. Being self employed presents many challenges. We can teach you how to work smarter not harder, and create a sustainable beauty business.

Regardless of your challenges our consultants can help create a customized strategy that fits your goals, lifestyle balance, and career aspirations.

For existing businesses, we are offering:

  • Operational business audits
  • Communication strategy planning and development
  • Business Plan guidance and financing application
  • DIY Social Media set up & solutions
  • Accounting system refinement and implementation
  • Inventory management
  • Client engagement & scheduling
  • Professional development & coaching

For new start ups we provide:

  • New studio set-up
  • Operational systems setup
  • CRA & licensing registration guidance
  • Point of Sale set up

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