FX + Fantasy

Our artists have created makeup designs for zombies, vampires, skulls, skeletons, androids, scary clowns, orcs, broken dolls, unicorns, classic characters like The Mad Hatter, devils, and more. If you have an idea, our artists can bring the fx makeup to life!

Eclectica Beauty Studio FX Halloween makeup Unicorn

FX & Fantasy Makeup

Fx and fantasy makeup application are passion projects for Eclectica Beauty Studio’s makeup artists. We have designed fantasy looks for Halloween, costume themed parties and masquerades. Your makeup is your costume when designed by our artists.

Why wear uncomfortable masks when you can comfortably stay in costume and in character all night.

Fx created by our artists have been show stoppers and won numerous clients BIG prizes at best costume events.


FX + Fantasy Pricing

1.5 Hours


 *Additional fees may be charged for complex prosthetics, body painting and special materials used to create the look.

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"[Astrid] makes everyone comfortable and feel great about themselves!"

Astrid is an awesome hair and makeup artist! She always sends my clients to my studio looking amazing! She knows how to emphasize people's best features. Her work photographs wonderfully every time! She knows exactly what I am looking for so I just trust that each client I send her will come to my studio ready to shoot and looking awesome. Astrid has the greatest personality, and I constantly hear from my clients that they had a wonderful experience with her.

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